The 12 Days of Link Building

I just want to be upfront about something. Cheesy post titles are something of a passion of mine. This post is about link building, but the rest of the post title doesn’t make that much sense. It probably should of been called, “some cool link building tips”, but where is the Christmas cheers in that.

This is going to be my last post of 2009 due to work commitments so why not throw together some link building nuggets to bring you into 2010 ……

1. Anchor Texts:

One of the most common mistakes in a link building campaign is the focus will only be on two keywords and attempt to build hundreds (if not more) links with the exact anchor text. There have been filters in place since 2006 that will penalize a site for over using the same anchor text. I had 3 sites removed over the past 6 months for this exact reason. The key to a strong link building campaign is to vary the anchor text used.

2. BackLinks Report by Google

The backlinks reported by Google are no where near accurate. Don’t rely on Google to track your campaign (even Google Webmaster Tools). Yahoo site explorer still provides a solid tool. If you are looking for a paid version, then SEO Spyglass or Majestic SEO could be something worth looking at.

3. Relevant and Trust Worthy

When it comes to what links you should be targeting, in content links from relevant, trust worthy sites are way better than side wide links (paid) on PR 8 sites. Now these are obviously the more difficult to get, but one of these links can be worth a lot more than a bunch of rubbish links from unrelated sites (Link Exchanging).

4. Footer Links

Footer links really don’t add much value, confirmed by Matt Cutts

5. It matters who you hang out with

Most people know that linking out to a bad neighborhood can affect your rank. If they get penalized this can have an adverse effect on your overall rank. Well Co-Citations does matter. If you appear on pages where lots of bad sites appear to be linking with each other (Spam Farms), this can affect the rank of your site.

6. Get Your NoFollow Game Up

This point may seem to be counter intuitive but getting nofollow links can definitely help with your sites rank. When considering your link profile always ask how the average user would link to your site. Would every user link with the correct anchor text ? Would every user link to your site using a variation of a keyword or would they simply have “click here” and would users not link to your site if that link was nofollow. Only SEO girls and guys know what nofollow is there for. It may stop PR being passed on but it’s still good to get a link from an authority site (trust and relevance are big factors in your sites overall rank).

7. Who Cares About PR

I wouldn’t really pay too much attention to PR, I would look at the true link value from the page i.e.

– does the page currently rank for any keyword
– is the page being indexed at regular intervals
– what kind of other links are on the page (outbound links)
– are you in with a good crowd discussed above

There are a lot of automated tools that will do this for you … SEO Spyglass is one I use ..

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