The 80 – 20 rule and how to organise your list for it

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The 80-20 rule is the Pareto Principle. The law states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
This rule is cited under a host of different guises. I recently heard a lot about it at an NLP seminar I attended where a successful entrepreneur said he outsourced all the things he wasn’t great at and concentrated on the rest. His profits shot up.

Although most rookie internet marketers cannot really outsource much of their work as you do not have the funds. It still bares keeping in mind. It is important to figure out what are those activities that produce significant results. Even if you cannot outsource your work yet and are left to do everything from reading about the latest CPA offer, putting in place your search engine optimisationgetting up to speed on a new link bait technique to figuring out what content site you are going to market next. You can still maintain a list of activities that are most important to you moving forward. Every day you should aim to do at least one thing on that list.

I keep a list like this for personal work. I simply right on a page the most important tasks I need doing at the moment and aim to cross one off. If others crop up during the day, I add them to the list. Come the end of day, I rewrite the list onto a new page and order it to reflect what is the most important.

This does kind of create a endless list. But it continues to move forward, is added to and always provides a good place to look at what you have achieved.

Maybe this isn’t the best way to do it … but still thought I would share it ..

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