Top 10 problems with Google Chrome

by on December 17, 2008

So this isn’t actually my list. But there is a great piece by Matt Cutts on issues around Google Chrome

The following extract is an interesting point:

“- If I start typing “Google webmaster blog” into the Omnibox, it offers to search Google for “webmaster blog”:

I’m a power user, so I want a way to turn that quicksearch off. I type a lot of searches of the form [Google X Y Z] but that doesn’t mean I want to search on Google for [X Y Z].”

If Google Chrome becomes popular and judging by IE’s performance (, it should. How will this affect sites listed below the big 3 positions. They already receive very little traffic as it is.

With Google listing more of it’s own property in the SERPs, Chrome could very well put the squeeze on sites to achieve a top 3 ranking or risk losing lots of traffic.

How will this affect people’s PPC campaigns ? If people are jumping right to a site using the Omnibox instead of viewing the main Google page, will PPC campaigns not loss out on traffic !!!


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