Tracking your SEO stats with SheerSEO

I was contacted by a very nice guy who is behind SheerSEO to do a little test drive on it. I am always happy to test drive a search engine optimisation tool, it allows me to keep up with anything new that may be going on.

SheerSEO is a nice little tool with all the usual features you would expect from a good SEO tool. You can track keyword rank across both Google and Yahoo, which shows your historical rank, recent changes, average volume for that keyword and last date the report was run.

I also like the main referrers section. It shows 3rd party sites that drive traffic to your site and if the links are nofollow or dofollow. Another little cool feature is it shows your total stories in Digg and Delicous including how many people voted for these.

One other stat I was interested in was the supplemental index ratio. I am not sure exactly how this is calculated. Although I would say Google’s algorithm has undergone a lot of changes and I am not sure this ratio is as important.

I will find out how this is being calculated.

As I said, I was asked to do this review and am happy to do it for free 🙂 … although I have my tools set out and will probably not change them for some time … it could be worth checking out a the demo of this product at SheerSEO

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