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The growth of social media has dramatically increased the amount of places users can now get their information from. It has also increased the amount of content on offer. The barrier to getting online and creating your own content has never been so low with free blogging platforms and social sites like squidoo, hubpages turning everyone into their own mini publisher. It also means keeping an eye on your market and competition is pretty time consuming. But what if you could use social media to your own advantage and turn it into your own private eye, get other people to send you what’s going on in your market and then crush your competition with it …

So lets do one for a space I am interested in, conversion optimisation. I am going to show you four social applications to keep track on this market and then how best to keep a store this information:

1) Twitter Search

Everyone knows about twitter. It’s virtually your own real time search engine. Type in your keyword like so:


and you get a list of people talking about this subject. Are any of these your followers ?. Well you may have found some new contacts in your space.


Now keep that page open and move on to the next step …

2) Digg Search

As with twitter, go to the social bookmark site Digg and enter your keyword, you will get the following page listing people having a social conversation on your topic !!:


3) Pop Urls

Popurls is a great site and looks through the best social bookmark sites for popular stories related to your keywords. Now unfortunately the market I chose “conversion optimisation” is not so hot on this site so I used “google analytics” instead …


4) Google Alerts

Now you can set up a google alert for “conversion optimisation”. Just click on “More” and “Alerts” in Gmail. Now the trick is not to set this up as an email alert. Instead set it up to deliver to “Feed in Google Reader” as so:


Create a stream in Google reader

Now remember all those searches you still have open above in Twitter, Digg and Popurls, click on the “Feed for this query”. For example the twitter one will give you a URL as below:


Open up Google reader and select “Add a subscription”. You can now add each of the feeds created above. Once done click on “Manage subscriptions” in Google reader and create a new feed to store all your social feeds in.

Now whenever someone talks about conversion optimisation, I will be the first to know 🙂

Social media is changing the way everyone does business and also has big implications for generating traffic to your website. Learning how to harness the power of social media to gain more traffic for your site and also generate better ranking for your keywords is something you should be interested in. If so check out the following short video


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