Where have I been ? SEO + Content and lots of Funnel

It’s a difficult balance to get right, having your head buried in a pile of work, actually doing it, and spending a little time on here writing about it. I made the decision this year not to take on any consulting work as I was flat out with my day time roles. I also made the decision to kill all my external affiliate sites. When I make a decision I can take quite drastic actions to implement it. I just a scrapped a site that cost me quite a bit to develop/design because I wanted to free up the space it was taking in my brain for other, better projects (I should of sold it). I recently sold my car for a fraction of it’s price for this same reason.

I do plan on resurrecting this site once I get it redesigned (Oh those “SEO” services hurt my eyes) as I enjoy writing and may look at a couple of projects, but until then, here is a quick collection of some of the content I’ve been producing in other places:

1. How to become a Great Funnel Owner

This is a post over on SEOMoz about how SEO’s can own more of the funnel. It includes some lovely lingo like TOFU and MOFU, plus an example of a new social metric you will hear lots more about – “Social CTR” – a true measure of influence.

2. Content Marketing – Think Campaigns, Not just Links – Your Guide to TOFU

Another post over on SEOMoz covering the fact content marketing is not just a link building tactic. It can benefit your whole top of funnel.

3. Multi Content Funnel Marketing – Developing the Right Strategy for your Funnel

A webinar I gave (this is the recording) on developing the right content for your funnel. I should note, this was a great example of why you just do a dry run of your webinar, totally overran the first part so had to rush the last section, doh

4. Content Marketing, Be Relevant, Targeted & Metrics Driven

My slidedeck from Funnel12 in London. A deck all about content marketing through the funnel, in particular, the importance of personas, influencers and metrics.

5. How to Create a #Winning Content Marketing Campaign

Six key steps to developing a winning content marketing campaign.

6. Creating a Local Influencer Strategy

How to create a local influencer strategy for your brand

7. Integrated Marketing – How SEOs can Own More of the Funnel

My deck from SearchMeetsSocial where I went through how and why SEOs should own more of the funnel

That’s some of the content I’ve had time to produce. I expect to be back up and running properly in January with a new design.



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