Why Youtube Video SEO is so Critical to Your Business and How to Use SEO for Video

I LOVE video marketing, it’s probably one of the best ways to drive traffic, build a community and sell products. The importance of video marketing and seo for video is only going to increase over the coming year. It’s critical for any business who is looking to sell online, generate leads or increase traffic figures, to include video in their marketing plans.

This post is broken down into

Video Stats
Google Video Listings
Video to Increase Conversions
Video SEO Tips

“37%, more than one in three, have bought an item they saw advertised on YouTube” –

“YouTube users spend an average of 15 mins per day on the site”

“57% of iPhone users access YouTube on their phones”

“Of YouTube Mobile Users::
• 75% claim that mobile is their primary YouTube access
• 70% use the mobile site at least once a day
• 58% spend 20+ minutes per visit
• 38% are happy to say that their on-line use of YouTube is being replaced by YouTube Mobile”

They are just a list of the stats you can find here: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/landing/internetstats/

But you get the point, stats highlight the importance of video (and video on mobile), but wait, there is more:

Google are now showing videos embedded beside the organic listing:

Google SEO Video Listing - SEOMOZ
Google SEO Video Listing - SEOMOZ

How great is that for organic CTR’s and taking up real estate.

Zappos are one of my hero’s in terms of marketing. I love their focus on social media to provide great customer service and also their website is a work of art (in terms of conversion etc). Zappos has used video to improve sales by 6% to 30%.

Zappos - Video Promotions
Zappos - Video Promotions

They are just catching up, I have been using fashion videos to drive lots of traffic back to an affiliate site and increase direct traffic 🙂

itsNOTFORgirls - Supra Skytop 2
itsNOTFORgirls - Supra Skytop 2

The following are some very short bullet points in terms of video seo:

a. Keyword Research

There aren’t any keyword tools for specific video research (as far as I know). The best tool for this research is Youtube suggest. This works similiar (or identical) to Google suggest. It will give you ideas on what people are searching for.

Video SEO - Youtube Suggest
Youtube Suggest - Video Keyword Research Tool

UPDATE: There is a Youtube Keyword Tool. You should use it.

b. Validate Research

Once you have a bunch of keyword ideas for your video. Do some digging around on Youtube. Look to see what kind of videos are popular and which are getting a lot of comments (very important). This is pretty similar to how a lot of link bait gets developed. Research content that gets to the front page of Digg / Reedit etc and find a popular theme.

c. SEO Basis

Once the video has been uploaded, adhere to simple best practice:

Filename: Keyword rich

Title: Use keyword and think CTR

Description: Include keyword

Tags: Use applicable tags

d. Video Sitemap

If you are using your own video player, building a video sitemap is quite straight forward, Google have all the details here. This is important to get some of those juicy listings shown above.

If you are uploading videos on Youtube, most of your listings will appear like this in the main SERPs

Video SEO - Listings in Google SERP
Video Listing from Youtube

Is there a way to get the page on which the video is embeded appearing instead ? Well, I am working on this, but that subject is very hazy. Here is some good reading on that subject from Google.

e. Build the Conversation

If you want to improve your rank and build a community, treat each video as a piece of link bait (if it’s quality). Use tools like Ontolo.com to put together an outreach program to drive people back to the video and start discussing it within the comments.

I’ll have lots more information on Ontolo.com in future posts.

Now, go get filming !!

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