Yeo Valley Advert Goes Organic In Marketing- The Search Side

I have always been fascinated by the use of search in movie trailers. I remember watching the trailer for 2012 and being pretty excited when the last screen had “Google Search 2012”. Googling “2012” back then brought up in first position, it’s fallen a couple of places since then (due to Wikipedia of course !!).

Whilst watching a little TV on Saturday, the Yeo Valley Advert was shown with another search message “search yeo valley”. This is another great example of offline driving online  and ensuring all the different channels are in sync. Running a search for “yeo valley” on shows a number of relevant results:

Just a couple of notes though:

– Their paid search listing has no reference to the ad. Considering the huge spike in search generated by the ad, it may be worth mentioning it and linking right through to the ad.

– Do they need the paid search listing ?

– The site listed 3rd is just a duplicate of their main site (listed 2nd / 3rd). Not sure what it’s used for.

Google Insights for “yeo valley”

Looking at Google Insights, we see a lot of people are looking for the “yeo valley advert”

Looking at the result for this search gives:

Different results with no appearance from their own site. Probably a better keyword to run a paid search ad on (rather than the brand keyword above).

Great to see a holistic approach to search and offline can drive great branded links (which are getting more important for rank – see Tims post on seowizz). Search needs to be a bigger consideration when running larger campaigns and it’s great to see a company including it in a TV ad. But it’s always important to ensure you take up real estate for any campaign related searches and if you don’t have an organic listing, it’s worth getting a few paid ads.

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