Youtube Insights / Analytics to Optimise Your Videos

The following is a quick follow up on my last post “Youtube Video SEO” and covers some of the insights you can get from your growing channel.

The Eyeballs – Views

It’s worth taking a look at your channel views on a regular basis (how regular is dependent on the size of your channel). Just as with Google Analytics, it can give you a quick overview of how things are progressing:

Youtube Analytics - Views
Daily Video Views - Youtube Analytics

But it can also give you a quick oversight of what videos are driving traffic (just like your top content report):

Top Videos - Youtube Analytics
Youtube Analytics - Your Top Video Views

How can you use this data ? Well

– Use Youtube Annotations to drive visits from your most popular videos to any that are struggling. Comments, Reviews, Ratings, Adding to Favorites are vital in helping other videos increase their visibility.

– Look for any videos that may need optimisation work. Much like I set aside content each month that may need some link building, internal link help, content update, it helps plan out your monthly work for the channel.

The Discovery

Probably one of the coolest graphs in Youtube Analytics is “The Discovery” chart. This shows how people are finding your videos:

Youtube Analytics - Discovery

It’s really interesting to see how people are finding your videos to view. The above is for a channel associated with one of my sites. The majority of people are coming through “related videos”. I am not 100% on how to improve this metric or build upon it. One suggestion is to ensure your tags are properly focused. When creating a video, you can view some of the most popular videos for that topic and look at the tags they have used:

Related Video Tags - Youtube
Looking at Youtube Video Related Tags

The second most popular method of finding our videos is through Featured Video. This is something I like to see as it means some of our videos are attracting the right metrics (Comments, Ratings, Add to Favorites) – more on that below.


Of course there is no clarification on what exactly are the most important factors in terms of Youtube ranking. But in terms of getting traffic from related / featured and search, it would seem getting comments, ratings and added to favorites is massive. Checking through the community section of Youtube will give you an overview of what videos are performing well:

Community Section in Youtube Analytics
Community Stats - Youtube Analytics

You can then look at the performance of individual videos:

Individual Video Stats - Youtube Analytics

The tag cloud for comments is a good place to spark an idea for your next video.

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