3 iPhone Apps to Improve your Productivity

If you are like me, there are times when you feel a bit unorganized. Working online is a blessing and a curse. You are faced with constant information overload and you love trying new things. All of this can lead to a lot of wasted time, money and growing to do lists. The following are 3 iPhone Apps I have been using to help organize my time, money and lists:

iPhone Apps to help with Productivity:

iPhone HoursTracker

1) HoursTracker is a pretty nifty iPhone app that allows you to record time spent on work. This is useful for both client work, but also work on your own sites. If you are building out an affiliate site, it’s work look at the possible commissions on products you will be selling vs the time invested in the site. For example, if you charge clients 100EUR per hour and want to start working on affiliate sites. It’s worth tracking your time invested in that site at the same rate. Work out how much time is invested in the site and how much you expect to earn once the site is up and running. If you are just looking to flip a site, you may invest a lot of time upfront to reach a certain $$ and then cash in. On flipping sites, Zac Johnson has a new book out on that very subject called Flip This Website (that’s not an affiliate link).

ixpenseit iphone app

2. iXpenselt is a really cool app for managing your cash flow. This is something I have learned a lot about in the past 6 months. Being someone who loves to play about online in my spare time as well as working and consulting, I do buy a lot of products, spend money on writers etc etc. Even if you treat some time online as “play” time, it’s still good to track how much cash you investing into a site and how much you are planning on making from the site, either from monthly earnings or for a sales price. I recently took a look at a site of mine and when I stopped looking at it as “playing around’, it’s evident the commissions are so low, it will take massive volume to make a profit. It’s completely doable, but there are other markets that would be easier to work in.


things iPhone App

3. Things is a task manager App. It will help you keep track of your daily tasks. I use basecamp to store most of my project work, but was looking for a handy little App for meetings, phone call reminders etc etc. Things is really easy to use and will make sure you stay on top of your growing to do list. Just a quick note on growing to do lists. I have come to the conclusion the best way to manage a to do list is keep it really small. If your to do list keeps growing, it really starts to make you feel anxious. The most satisfying part of keeping a to do list is the feeling of ticking items off. I have started to just make a to do list for the first part of the day and then revising again at lunch.



What App am I missing ?

A scratch pad for jotting down ideas. Just about to get one 🙂



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