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Social media analytics is a big deal and companies like Google seem to be working towards an all encompassing solution. Back in June 3rd 2011, Google bought PostRank. PostRank helps track social engagement with your content in real time. This week Google has snapped up SocialGrapple, which is another social media analytics tool, focused on twitter. With Google also integrating +1 metrics into Google Analytics, you can expect to see a lot more from them in this space.

In this utterly awesome post from Avinash “Best Social Media Metrics: Conversation, Amplification, Applause and Economic value“, he highlights  problems with many of the current social media analytics tools and where they are currently lacking. The following are some tools you can check out that may do a little or a lot of what Avinash speaks on in that post. Please note, this is not a review of each tool as I haven’t used them all myself:

4 Tools to Measure your Social Media Efforts

a. CrowdBooster

Crowdbooster is a social media analytics package designed to help you get more from Facebook and Twitter. It provides a number of features that should help you improve your strategies with each platform. One of their dashboards provides recommendations on how you can better reach influencers, create content that really engages your audience and also what time of day is best to post, which is pretty cool.

Crowdbooster Targeted Recommendations

It also has all the standard reports such as performance of content in twitter and facebook, plus a graph of followers and fan growth over time.

You can sign up to Crowdbooster for free.

2. FavStar.fm

FavStar.fm is another cool little tool for Twitter. It has a couple of features I haven’t seen before (probably because I don’t use a lot of analytics tools for twitter), it shows your best tweets broken out into most retweets and favorites.

Most Favored Tweets

It has some other interesting features that let’s you uncover popular tweets etc, but to get the most from it, you will need to build another list on twitter. It can get a little much following people all over the place.

You can sign up for free.

3. SimplyMeasured

SimplyMeasured does a lot, even it’s free reports are pretty cool, although may be considered a bit of a data puke exercise.

Twitter Free Report:

The cool thing about SimplyMeasured is they export all those pretty graphs to excel, so ideal for reporting internally or to clients:

SimplyMeasured Free Twitter Report
SimplyMeasured Free Twitter Report

Facebook Free Report:

The free Facebook report does provide a nice comparison between different Facebook pages, so you can do a quick competitive analysis of your page against others:

SimplyMeasured Free Facebook Report
SimplyMeasured Free Facebook Report

The full package measures a host of data around Facebook and Twitter engagement, but with plans starting at $500 per month, it should be data you can turn into actionable goals.

4. Yoast Blog Metrics

Finally another great plugin from Yoast that allows you to measure key stats around your blog including:

a. Raw Author Contribution

– average number of posts per month

– average number of words per post

b. Conversation Rate

– average number of comments per post without your comments

– average number of words used in comments to posts

The resulting dashboard looks as follows:

Yoast Blog Metrics

So there you got, a couple of tools to check out. I would love to hear if there are any I have missed ? or what you use to track your social media efforts ?

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