5 Best Resources to get Started with Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing overviewIf you have been hearing all this chatter about inbound marketing, you might be be thinking “I need to figure out what this is all about”. Well here are 5 inbound marketing resources that will get you up to speed in no time at all, simply block out a couple of days and get your inbound marketing game face on.

1. Killing It: How Inbound Marketing Can Help you Crush the Competition

This is a really great presentation at DreamForce 2011 by Brian Halligan (@bhalligan), Co Founder of the awesome Hubspot. Amongst other things you will get some great insights into what words help blog posts get shared, what words help you get content retweeted, how to master your TOFU (top of funnel marketing) + MOFU (mid funnel marketing). There is also some really great insights on how you can set up your Inbound Marketing team. Brain is an awesome speaker and the presentation is jam packed with great case studies and examples to back up his points.

2. The Unfair Advantage of Inbound Marketing

This is a slideshare presentation brought to you by SEOMoz CEO Rand Fishkin (@randfish). Although famed for SEO presenations, Rand is producing more and more content around inbound marketing. In this presentation Rand as always produces some great content around SEO, Content, Social and how, when used correctly, they can really drive your marketing forward. You don’t need to look past SEOMoz for a great example of how inbound marketing can help grow a company.

3. The Science of Inbound Marketing

The second presentation to make it in from Hubspot. This is from Dharmesh Shah again at DreamForce 2011 (@dharmesh). Dharmesh can also be found writing on his blog at OnStartups.com, a site aimed at entrepreneurs. In this session you get a no holds bar talk on the science behind inbound marketing. What’s great about Dharmesh is he is a geek first, marketer second, so you get an honest presentation, no marketing fluff. One of the best take aways from his presentation is how B2B marketing is currently broken e.g.

I give you my name for a piece of content, then you keep spamming me until:

a) I buy

b) You’re dead

c) I’m dead

The future of marketing is all about better lead qualification.

4. Michael Stelzner – Launch

It might not have inbound marketing in the title, but Launch is a great book from Michael Stelzner of SocialMediaExaminer fame all about marketing in the social age. The book is a great step by step account of how to turn your marketing into a content factory. One of the best parts of the book is how Michael talks on having an expert strategy for your content. Really top book and something you will use as a reference.

5. Inbound Marketing University

Lastly, you need to check how the inbound marketing university from Hubspot. They provide 18 free tutorials around inbound marketing and a multiple choice at the end to test your knowledge. Not only is the material great, but the university is a killer example of inbound marketing at work. Provide great content for people and turn them into an evangelist, hey it worked on me (badge on the right had side :).

So there you have it, a quick round up from me, anything I have missed ? Would love to know if there are some other great resources out there ?

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