Advances Segments in Google Analytics to Track Multiple Currencies

If you are working with a large ecommerce site that is selling products in a number of countries, you need to give some consideration to how this is tracked in Google Analytics.

For example if we are selling products to the UK, US and Ireland, we may have users paying in dollars, sterling and euro. Google Analytics does not do any currency conversion regardless of what you have the currency set to. If the profile is set to “Dollars” then Google Analytics will simply accept all currencies as a dollar value. If a user buys a product for £50, this will be tracked as $50 dollars in the profile.

This will give you false revenue values, especially with the current yo yo of currency values. To overcome this we create duplicate profiles and use advanced segments as follows.

Advanced Segments to track Currencies

To overcome the above you need to create 3 duplicate profiles, one of each currency. The ecommerce tracking code on your page will look as follows:

“order-id”, // required
“affiliate or store name”,
“order-id”, // required
“product name”,
“product category”,
“unit price”, // required
“quantity” //required

Now you need to use one of the variables above to track where the booking was taken (US/UK/Ireland). I use the “affiliate or store name” to keep track of where the booking was taken from.

Once done you can create an Advanced Segment for each profile taking account of the currency being used. So for the profile set to Euro, you would have an Advanced Segment created as follows:



Now you can select the “Advanced Segment” relevant for that profile:


This will now show you all bookings relevant to that country. You can simply add up each revenue figure from the different profiles to get your overall total ….

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