Blog Commenting Spam Might Get You Whacked

It appears 2010 will be a big year for search on the back of 2009. We have real time search, which was Google basically vomiting twitter comments all over their nice clean SERPs. Then personalized search, which is now even active when a user is logged out of Google. This is kinda frustrating me at the moment. Another addition which may off gone unnoticed is Googles comments regarding blog comment spam

Blog commenting has been used for years to obtain links to a website. This is the reason Google introduced the nofollow tag, to try and deter link builders from using commenting as a link building tool. This lead to a lot of dofollow engines that highlighted blogs with the nofollow tag switched off and for the most part, blog spam was carried out by auto-bots who cared little if the blog was nofollow or dofollow. Google then announced that the nofollow tag hadn’t worked as SEO consultants thought in over a year. Pagerank was not conserved and sent out links selected by consultants, in fact, it just disappeared. (This is for internal links only).

From Google’s latest announcement it would appear they are going to crack down on Blog commenting as a link building tactic, advising people to clean up their links if they have been doing this. This is nothing new by Google, just another link filter to try and keep the web clean. But it does tighten the net on tactics being used to get links without having to send begging emails to other webmasters.

There are a lot of link filters to deal with and most of them are aimed at ensuring only quality links get indexed. Getting a link is only half the battle. Getting them indexed and keeping them in Google’s index is a complex procedure. Google may choose not to index the page your link is on. It may choose to index the page but not trust it, therefore not index your outbound link, or it may choose to crawl the page and give you a link.

There is going to be a lot of upheaval in 2010 and link building services will have to take these into account.

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