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Cross Domain Duplicate Content – New Google Webmaster tool Alert

For anyone has been involved in international SEO the issue of cross domain duplicate content is quite a big one. Well now Google have introduced a new alert in Google Webmaster tools to alert you when they don’t show a URL because it has been duplicated elsewhere. At the moment a webmaster can resolve some of these issues using a cross domain canonical-tag or by simply 301 redirecting a page. But you may never know about half the traffic being lost due to this issue. The main causes Google give for a cross-domain URL selection (when they choose another URL over yours) are:

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Google now indexing Facebook Comments

There were a couple of interesting posts on Facebook comments this morning that are worth taking note of. It appears as if Google are now indexing Facebook comments even though they are behind Jscript. The full story is available here at If you visit that post and look at the Facebook comments, you can see Google has already indexed some of them:

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Google hiding Organic Keyword Data – What are they smoking ?

Being a Google fan boy doesn’t cloud my judgement when it comes to all things Google. A lot of what Google does is awesome, some of it is average and a fraction of it is awful. Recently Google made a change around how organic data is captured that is truly awful and makes no sense. As Google explains, when a user is logged into, their default will be SSL search on and they won’t show you any keyword data for people who visit your site via organic. This is true for ALL search engines, not just Google Analytics. Full details on this story here. Of course, Google can still show this data for CPC.

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Google Wallet Live on Sprint Nexus in San Francisco

Google Wallet Live Sprint

Announced back in May, Google wallet got a lot of people excited about this revolutionary method of payment. The official announcement has been released stating this new feature is to be rolled out this week and it is believed that a coffee shop in San Francisco has the payment teminals set up and ready to use.

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