Crush Organic CTR with Video Embeds and Google Authorship

My list of blog posts to write has grown and the list of blog posts set live has diminished. This is set to continue for the rest of 2011 as I am busily working away on some of my own projects. I did just want to pop up and shout that Google’s SERPs are really starting to change, and change for the better. I spotted a cool listing from SEOMoz today with both the video embed and Google Authorship tag working in tandem to make an eye catching listing:

SEOMoz SERP Listing

These kind of listings will have an effect on the Google Golden Triangle

Google SERP Golden Triangle

The addition of the video embed is a great move for any site to take. This isn’t new but Google seemed to show them back in February and then stop again. It appears they are back. To get these you need to use your own video player and create a video sitemap.

In terms of Google Authorship, this is a great addition from Google. It really helps give weight to trusted authors and will hopefully combat scraper sites. For sites with multiple authors, especially guest authors, it also helps users quickly spot posts from their favorite authors. Might be interesting to see if organic CTR can be measured by author using GWT.

These are two should do’s for any big content sites.

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