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There are a couple of filters that are worth applying to your installation of Google Analytics. In this post we will look at 3 that I have found extremely useful.

1. New versus returning visitors

This is an extremely useful filter if working with an ecommerce site. The reason being you can track the different things each user type is interested in and how this feeds into your funnel conversion.

If you are a new visitor to the site, then you may spend a lot of your time researching the different products, looking at prices and any feedback there may be regarding those products. The user’s intent is to research a product, find best prices etc. With the economy taking a plunge users will be a lot more stringent in how the choose to spend money. Therefore it may take a number of visits before the decide to book.

If you are a returning visitor then you may have the research part done and your intent is now to purchase. This is now really a test of your check-out procedure. Does it highlight information that is required by the user during this stage i.e. availability, time to deliver, refund policy etc.

Looking at your conversion process with users segmented in these ways could highlight areas on your site that can be improved. A good tool to help with this can be found over at Microsofts ad lab which was discussed in this post on Conversion Tips

The filter for this looks as follows:

a) New Visitors

Google Analytics - New Visitors

b) Returning Visitors

Google Analytics - Returning Visitors

2. Segment by traffic type

Another useful thing you can do when looking to optimise the traffic to your site is create profiles based on the different traffic types. For ecommerce sites, separating your PPC traffic from the rest of your traffic will allow you to manage your campaigns more effectively and also create KPI’s around its performance i.e. improve bounce rate, conversion rate etc more effectively.

Google Analytics - Google only
Google Analytics - Google only
Google Analytics Filter - CPC Only
Google Analytics Filter - CPC Only

3) Segment by Campaign

Last but by no means least, if your site is targeted at certain countries then it may be worth creating separate profiles to focus on these. For example if you wanted to create a filter based on specific countries in Europe, you can do the following:

GoogleAnalytics-Segment by Countr

So get cracking on those filters …

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