Google Trusted Stores – Fight Counterfeit Market or Just about Data

A recurring issue I see in some markets is the problem with sites that sell counterfeit sites appearing high in Google’s results:

Google Websites Selling Fakes

In the above example are selling fake supra shoes. It’s pretty easy to tell by just looking at the domain name as no site with “supra” in the domain are allowed to sell legal supras. But also if you visit the site is its obviously all fake goods. Lots of people fall prey to this kind of selling online. These kind of sites burn through countless domains building aggressive link campaigns (lots of SEO blackhat tactics) and then simply rinse and repeat.

How can users avoid purchasing counterfeit goods ?

Well Google may be able to help with their new trusted stores. This allows merchants to opt into Googles program if the meet certain Shipping and Service criteria. What’s of particular interest to merchants is they will receive the Google trusted store badge.

Google Trusted Store Badge

In markets where trust may be a major factor in terms of conversion rate, this could be a significant gain for some brands. Google have also said they will offer purchase protection for users who buy from these stores. This means Google will help resolve any issues that may occur during purchase.

Of course the other massive plus for Google is DATA “If you opt in, the merchant will share your order information and email address with us”, lots of data on what people are buying. It should also be noted this could be a huge advantage for big brands if Google decide to start showing these in their Adwords, where as it could be a lot more difficult for smaller sites to reach the standards Google sets.

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