Killing my Joomla SEO posts

So I decided pretty quickly that Joomla wasn’t going to work out for me. It’s a great CMS but there are a lot of issues with it from an SEO point of view.

I am a great believer in not wasting your time on things that won’t contribute to your success. You can’t be great at everything. I know quite a bit about Joomla after my time spent using it but don’t feel working through the SEO problems will benefit me (in the goals I want to achieve this year).

So I am up on wordpress. For someone who worked in IT for 5 years before moving to SEO. I am severely lacking in WordPress knowledge. Still, it won’t take me long to pick it up.

I already bought a short course (recommended by a smart IM guy) on making the most out of your WordPress blogs so will read it this weekend.

So its XsitePro2 and WordPress for me this year ….

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