SEO Marketing to SAVE this Joomla Site

I initially put up this site to play around with Joomla. I knew once I put it up I would have numerous problems in terms of how it got indexed. But that in part was behind my thinking, I want to see how I can resolve those issues with Joomla as I have 3 or more niche sites to put up next year.

If I wanted to have a good design in terms of SEO, I would of went for a good CSS layout, lots of them are found here I will be split testing a Joomla site with a plain CSS site next year to check how they perform. But anyway, let’s draw up a SEO plan to help this Joomla site.

Generic Content

When this site initially got indexed, I had only just put it up. In fact it got indexed within two days of putting it up. I hadn’t even looked at solving known issues with Joomla so my site was indexed with generic content (I wasn’t going to do any form of promotion for the site until January)

This means I also get content put into the Supplementary index


When this site was originally indexed I had no rewrites setup to combat the ugly looking URLs (shown above)

All files indexed

I have all my files indexed (I know this is a small site but it something to take onboard). These include the About Me / Contact Page and some other non relevant pages. Even though it’s a small site you should think about this upon design. You only have so much Pagerank and you want it to flow to the right pages. I am going to discuss this more during my soon to be released free SEO course.


I had no sitemap installed. Although this is a blog it isn’t setup to ping Google or other blog directories yet when new content is created.

No control over nofollow tags

You will notice at present I have two links to an article. One is a keyword rich header, the other is a “Read More” link. I want Google to use the keyword rich header rather than letting the “Read More” pass on some link authority.

Multiple Entry Points to one URL

Again this is a small site so not a huge issue but if we take the home page as an example, you will see it can be accessed by different URLs:

Anywhere you have this problem, you need to try rewriting to maintain one URL for one page (difficult when it comes to large CMS driven sites).

The Solution

1. I will need to ensure my Categories and Articles have unique content, in terms of Meta Description / Page Title. I will be doing this with SH404SEF.

2. I will need to create a proper robots.txt file disallowing certain areas of my site.

3. I will need to setup a sitemap which pings Google when new articles are posted.

4. I will need to add the nofollow tag to all my links that are not keyword rich i.e. Read More, Click Here.

5. Create rewrite to ensure one URL per page

Although these problems are with a Joomla site, they are SEO problems that many sites may have. I am going to do a series of follow up posts on the solutions and how they may effect how my site is currently indexed in Google.. This would of course been far easier with a standard CSS site. But I wanted to show what Joomla can do. The learning’s can be mapped across to any site

Also I will be running a free SEO course come January on this blog, so that will cover every aspect of SEO in more detail ….

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